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WRITING your own Amendment to the current TEXAS Constitution

Topic of Research Opinionated Paper: Amendment to the current TEXAS Constitution.  

Amendment: Texas will adopt a "no gun on campus" law to all states  

  • WRITE a Research Analysis Opinion Paper [RAOP]  demonstrating your understanding of the issue’s complexity (i.e., its political, economic, and social impact), and explaining how your solution (i.e., your proposed Amendment) would improve the lives of Texans 

Begin paper by stating "Texas will adopt a "no gun on campus" law to all states. (Proposed Amendment) 

  • Then, BRIEFLY describe—and cite evidence to support— Your Understanding of the political, economic, and social impact of "no guns on campus" law on Texans.  

  • Then, PERSUASIVELY argue—and cite evidence to support—how your proposed Amendment will improve the political, economic, and social situation for all Texans.  

  • Identify your Public-Private Partnership [3P] (i.e., who you believe would act as your Public Sector and Private Sector “Partners in Positive Change”.  

  • Indicate how your Public-Private Partnership [3P] would address anticipated challenges and/or opposition to the Ratification and implementation of your proposed Texas Amendment.  

  • Minimum of THREE (3) scholarly-published and/or professionally-written, reputable references, no maximum number  

  • MINUMUM of 750 words. (Not including cited materials, End or Practitioner’s Notes, Exhibits, Title, headers or footers.)   

  • MAXIMUM TEXT: THREE double-spaced pages—NOT including cited materials, End or Practitioner’s Notes, Exhibits, Title, headers or footers.  

  • CITATIONS—link your Readers to the RAOP’s referenced source materials. EVERYTIME you use another’s id e as (i.e., paraphrase or quote them)  

  • NOTE:ALL Citation blocks MUST contain a Practitioner’s Note.  

  • You will use the “EXHIBITS” page(s) to display and CITE infographics and/or unwieldy reference materials (e.g., long quotations or attached documents). On the “EXHIBITS” page(s), Citation blocks are first alphabetically clustered by type (e.g., Diagram, Graph, Image, Table, Video) and then, are numbered in the order that they appear in the RAOP’s text (e.g., Video 1, Video 2, Video 3).  

  • In the RAOP' s text , you will CITE your EXHIBITS by inserting an “Exhibit’s Note” (e.g., [Video 1]) after the sentence where you first mention/discuss it  

  • NOTE: You MUST include at least ONE Exhibit in this Research Paper.  

  •  You will CITE all other Reference materials on the “END NOTES” page(s). Do NOT use footnotes! On the “END NOTES” page(s), Complete Citation blocks are numbered to MATCH the in-text, numeric, Citation notes.  

  •   In the RAOP’ s text , you will CITE your References by inserting numeric Citation notes (e.g., [1], [2]) after each sentence where you used another’s work, e.g., “Dillon’s Rule states that local governments are creatures or creations of the state.”[1] Therefore, it is clear we must look to....  NOTE: The in-text, numeric citation notes are numbered in the order that they appear in the text of your paper: First reference=1; Second=2; Third=3, etc.  

  • A COMPLETECITATION for online materials MUST include the COMPLETE Web Address AND the Date (e.g., 20 MAY 2017) it was LAST accessed, e.g., http://www.itisso.edu/lmnop/123.html dtd 20 MAY 2017.  

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