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You are a self-employed Accountant with a number of small and middle-sized businesses as your clients.

You are a self-employed Accountant with a number of small and middle-sized businesses as your clients. These businesses are local, and you know the owners personally after years of doing business together. Over the last year you have noticed that your workload is building, so you are considering taking on a bookkeeper to help out with some of your tasks. Before you employ the bookkeeper, you want to make sure that your customers are satisfied with the services you currently offer, and to know what skills any new employee should have to most benefit your business.

To help you with your decision, you choose to send a short survey to all of your clients. The survey should give you enough information so you can decide whether or not your business will continue to grow in the future and, if so, in what directions.

The survey should probe the clients' satisfaction with your work and your time management on a sliding scale. It is also important for you to ask how they see their company's demand for accounting services developing over the next few years. It is also important that you give each client the opportunity to give feedback that is outside the questions that you ask, so ask several open answer questions, too.

Complete the following tasks:

1.            Create short survey that satisfies the above requirements. It should contain at least six sliding scale questions, as well as at least two open questions.

The sliding scale questions should be such that the customer can strongly agree or disagree with them, or indicate something in between. This will give you a good idea of how your customers see your work.

An example of a sliding scale question could be:

Circle the to rate the statements below, where 1 means that you completely disagree and 10 means that you totally agree.

When I leave a message for you, it is responded to quickly.

1    2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9         10

Example of an open question could be:

How would you describe the reception you receive when you arrive in my office?

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