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You should have read many creation stories this week with varying ideas on how the earth and human beings were created. Some resemble the human birth...

You should have read many creation stories this week with varying ideas on how the earth and human beings were created. Some resemble the human birth process, like "Bumba's Creation." While it may not seem so think about the process of birth and what that time period entails for the woman. Things like morning sickness, upset stomachs, painful births, and kids that won't let them sleep. In Bumba's Creation, Bumba vomits up the world. God breathes or speaks  life into the world in the Judeo-Christian religions. The cosmic egg is a similar process to the scientific incubation of an embryo. And, so on, and so on. 

Early civilizations are trying to figure out how to survive as population expands. How does your beliefs prepare you for survival? Are these beliefs instructional? Do they tell you how to do your part to help humans survive, or does it prepare you to accept the fact that none of us escape death? What can humans do to prepare for or prevent the next major catastrophe to threaten human kind?

Running head: CIVILIZATIONS 1 CivilizationsStudent NameProfessor Name19 July 2017 CIVILIZATIONS 2CIVILIZATIONS The early developments in the Middle East and North Africa filled in as generators...
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