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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Hospitality Facilities Management. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Hospitality Facilities Management. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. In the past, people do not use to travel much as there was no advancement in transportation but as time passed by and new inventions took place, everything became fast and steady and so it became easier for people to travel. People who have relatives in other states or countries never bothered to think about their accommodation as they had an option to live but for people who were going for business trips or for leisure had to first think about it before they plan their trip. However, hospitality business came into existence keeping in mind this notion and with the increase in hotel ranges and chains, it became easier for all classes to afford their accommodation in different parts of the world depending upon their profile and their need.

The term hospitality was coined keeping in mind the service which hotel industry is serving. The term refers to the relationship between a guest and a host in which guest is the visitor of the hotel and the host is the team of hotel serving. Hotel services just not meant to provide space to stay. The whole concept is referred to serving the guest with all the possible and necessary things required by one. It includes food, entertainment of the guests, clubs, resorts and many other things. Hospitality is also regarded as the act of generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need as it means serving the guests.

The background of this term is that it was derived from a Latin word hospes which is originated from hosts. It means stranger. Along with that, a word hostire which means to compensate was also merged to derive the word hospitality. It even has a story of Telemachus and Nestor of Greek mythology attached to the background which explains the sacred hospitality notion.

Concept of Hospitality

The concept of hospitality has been changing with the changing times. It has become more challenging with fast development taking place around the world. However, the concept of hospitality has been way different in the past. In the past, it was considered as a duty of all to serve the guest as much as possible taking it into the ethical boundaries and teachings of one. It was counted as an act of discipline to host someone (Hospitality industry Business solutions from AllBusiness_com). If we observe the contemporary notion of hospitality, we would see a major difference from the past concept. Today, it has become more as of entertainment, throwing parties, providing leisure entertainment and to facilitate tourist businessman. As hospitality has now become a source of money-making, people surviving in this industry are very much cautious about their acts and facilities to hold a strong position in the market. However, the biggest selling proposition for this industry is customer satisfaction which a customer may experience while using the service of any hotel.&nbsp.

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