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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Social Division. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Social Division. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Society has always faced people who are dominant because of their superiority in the physical ability or even their leadership qualities. This was seen thorough out the period of the ancient man as he needed to have a leader to take care of the primitive form of society then. It was with the arrival or religions and money that social divisions became prominent. Let us get into a more contemporary state of the phenomenon with relevant examples.

Before we get into any serious discussion under this caption let us confine ourselves to a period between 1950 and 2009 AD. The period can be considered relevant for the studies as it witnessed a whole lot of events which are so dense that any respect of topics can get enough material for their further discussion from this period.

Revolutionary developments in the field of science, technology, arts and even human life have occurred in these 59 years. 1950 witnessed the post World war effects while 2009 suffers recession whose reasons are yet a confusing topic to the scholars even. 1950 was believed to be an advanced turn to technology as all the embryonic developments of modern life had taken birth buy then. Communication field had taken birth in a pretty remarkable way by then. Money was flowing around. People had learnt to live well. But there occurred something like a black shade which covered everything. The social divisions which were nothing more than a glued piece of non detachable identity, which served as a bane to some while it was utmost advantage to many who could use it as nothing less than a bonus offer of birth.

Social divisions occur due to various reasons like social class and gender. Both of these have their own independent reasons behind the discrimination. By the time we are involved in the proposed question, let us see both gender and social class as reasons for social division and then concentrate into the aspect of social class as the reason for social division. We pass through both the respects of social division as gender based division and class based division are inseparable menaces occurring in the society right from the 20th century and extending even to the 21st century which is seen as the age of technology and educational progress. The dark hands of social division have not yet released the innocent suppressed class from its hurting catch. Let us move on to these two approaches of social divisions and then move forth with the topic.

Social division based on gender:

Gender based social division is a topic which we listened countless times and has a lot more to discuss still. Gender based bias is a headache to any form of life. Women are seen with a lower status in the society in any part of the world. It happens in the developed, developing and underdeveloped nations. There has been a steep growth in the graph of violence against women in the past few years. It is not only with the case of violence or such extreme factors that women are facing difficulties but they also face difficulties of social division in family, at work and even in the society.

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