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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on affirmative action: good or bad.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on affirmative action: good or bad. At the same time, however, there are many people who support this program because it gives minorities an opportunity that many would not have had otherwise. This can combat stereotypes in the future, as more minorities will be placed into high paying jobs and prestigious schools. While this may be seen as an unequal system, it is actually a process of achieving an end goal of equality through a short term inequality, which is what this country needs because there has always been inequality. Affirmative action can be used to level the playing field and ensure that every American citizen eventually has the same opportunity in life.

While there are some who believe that affirmative actions are a good thing because it creates jobs for minorities, this is not the central argument as to why this program is a positive thing. Affirmative actions are not about giving jobs or education to minorities as much as it is about giving minorities an opportunity to make something of themselves. This is not meant to be a handout where an under-qualified minority is given a job based solely on his or her color, but is rather meant to act as a method of leveling the playing field so that everyone has the chance to succeed, as “affirmative action, as practiced in contemporary research universities, is not the rigged system that our worst critics believe it is. It simply means that institutions take positive action to diversify the pools of applicants who compete for university positions and to ensure that applicants of different backgrounds are included in interview processes” (Coleman).

One thing that affirmative action can do is combat stereotypes that are present about many minorities. Because of how the media treats many visible minorities, the majority is left with an unappealing view of many minority groups. While these stereotypes may seem harmless enough, they are actually quite dangerous to the well-being of many minorities because they are treated&nbsp.much differently than they should be. Also, minorities will, often times, begin to believe these stereotypes themselves if they are treated in this manner so too long of a time.&nbsp.

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