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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on marketing strategy of p & o cruises.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on marketing strategy of p & o cruises. The leading Cruise line has followed marine environmental rules closely to ensure that there is minimal marine pollution resulting from its operation. It is seeking to expand by buying in and merging with other companies to provide quality services to its customers. (James et al., 2001)

In its operation, P & O Cruises has used the best market strategies to reach its customers in all parts of the world. Its success in marketing has been one of the pillars that have promoted its success. It has put into consideration its products and services in relation to the price it charges. In its marketing strategy, the company has provided products aimed at segmentations in the market. It has different packages aimed for individuals or for the whole family. Through an effective promotion strategy, the company has been able to become a leader in the market. (Linda, 2000)

In the next 12 months, the company will be faced by various marketing challenges which may affect its operation. Its success in marketing seems threatened by some factors that are beyond its control. As per PESTEL analysis, these problems can be classified in different categories which interact to influence the environment under which the company operates.

The political and legal environment is very important in the operation of any business. The political environment influences the environment which further determines consumer confidence in the business. One of the challenges that the company is facing is political instability. It will be difficult for the company to guarantee its customer's safe destinations with the current wave of political instability that many countries are facing in the world. Political instability in most tourist destinations, especially in Africa and the Middle East, is a big challenge that the company has to overcome.

With such an instable political environment, many people will not prefer to stay on board for a long time and hence long-distance cruising will be seriously affected.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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