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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on product packaging design and weakness of a product.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on product packaging design and weakness of a product. The evaluation of today's trends is an element that helps the designer create the packaging for the product.&nbsp. This is not an easy process because if one is too early with a trend, the customers may not gravitate towards it or if one is too late then it can be interpreted as old news.&nbsp. Careful consideration has to be taken when designing a product package as it represents the product itself and will play a vital role in the selling of that product.

Trends have to be weighed when developing a product package. A trend can be defined as a direction in which something is geared toward, however, it is not guaranteed that people will gravitate toward the trend. When introducing a product to the customer, it is desired that the trend will appeal to a measurable amount of consumers. Some trends come with resistance at first, for example, tattoos were an outward expression from someone who originally may have been deemed rebellious, however they have become a norm standard in society. Trends' life cycle can be drawn as a hill. They gain upward mobility as more people gravitate toward the trend, but they begin to slope downward as new trends emerge.

All this must be taken into consideration when developing a product package. The designer must consider the cultural, economic, social and technological trends of the consumer. These elements will influence the artistic expression of the designer and the product package development itself. The artistic expression and product design will then influence the media marketing trend and how the product is introduced to the market.

The product package is not isolated to just a manufactured product. When product packaging is referenced it also pertains to anything that utilizes a customer base and influences people. For example, a singer of American Idol, the popular singing contestant show, can be unofficially considered a product as the contestants have package design. The contestants are made over and given style, persona, and image that will appeal to the music trend of today.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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