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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on project motorcycles the comprehensive project plan.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on project motorcycles the comprehensive project plan. The different engine sizes will also mean different velocity for the audience who will make a purchase according their preferences in speed and use of the motorcycle. Various steps will be put in place to ensure that the motorcycles produced for the company are certified by the concerned government agencies to be safe for public use. The company will be forced to conduct a market research for the product, they will also develop and implement an effective project management strategy and lastly they will look for skilled labor to help in the construction process of the motor cycle. The main aim of the construction and manufacturing of the motorcycles will be to provide consumers with efficient and reliable motorcycles which can serve their different needs both privately and commercially. However, the new kinds of motorcycle that will be produced by the company will not be accepted readily by the audiences, but they will attracted to the unique features that the machine will posses and with time, they the profits proceeds will increase as consumers will be preferring the new kind over the older one.

Analyze The Type Of Staff That Your Company Would Need In Order To Make The Manufacturing Switch To Motorcycles With Larger Motors

The motorcycles company will need a highly effective staff to enable them make the manufacture switch to motorcycles with larger motors. The staff to be employed buy the company should have the ability to deal with different risk within the company and in the manufacturing process. The staff is expected to deal with risk and uncertainty to allow them makes decisions which may lead to the achievements of set goals. The staff will also be expected to be result oriented. This will involve them demonstrating common sense in situations where they are allowed to make decisions that are capable of solving problems and cutting down the level of risk that would have resulted in the manufacturing process. The staff is also expected to be energetic to deliver their best to the company. Energetic staff is associated with meeting the organizations’ goals and success. The staff to be employed by the company are also expected to have a high growth potential to allow them occupy the various management opportunities that may prevail themselves within the company. Last but not least, the staff is expected to be good team players within the company. This will motivate them to deliver in unison towards the greater good of the company. Lastly, the staff is expected to be multitasking. They should be able to accept new duties assigned to them, therefore, leading to efficiency in the different departments within the organization. Prepare Four (4) Team-Building Strategies For Handling The Newly Formed Team.

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