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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on teen suicide can be stopped.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on teen suicide can be stopped. Teen suicide deprives families of their happiness and subjects parents and the whole community to a sad situation which can be avoided. In 2001 teen suicide stood at 30622. According to Peacock (2000), “Teen suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death among young adults and adolescents 15 to 24 years of age, following unintentional injuries and homicide. The rate was 9.9/100,000.”

The rate at which teen suicide has been occurring in the recent past makes people believe that it may not have a lasting solution. I concur with this view but on a deeper scrutiny, it can be realized that there are possible solutions to the problem. Before, there were efforts made towards reducing these cases. The net effect still doesn’t completely eliminate the problem but reduces it to a remarkable level. Mastering the Psychology of teens who fall victims could be the main barrier to eradicating the problem of teen suicide (Shaffer 1988). The way in which those planning to commit suicide behave is not easy to note without proper skills. However, giving this issue a priority in the school curriculum and back at home can lead to its eradication.

The other challenge that may hinder the eradication of this problem is the lack of openness of most teens to their parents. It is a fact that the teens in the 21st century are not very open with their parents and teachers. Lichtenstein (2011) argues that this is mainly due to the advancement in technology that encourages virtual world imagination and interaction. By this, the teens concentrate more on devices such as computers rather than sharing their daily experiences with their parents. Diverting focus on the virtual world and their interactive surfaces can be made in such a way that this information concerning the need to eradicate teen suicide is delivered to them.

Giving the problem of teen suicide priority in the school curriculum and teen interaction sites can be a way of eradicating the problem.

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