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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the recruitment challenges of black cap.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the recruitment challenges of black cap. According to Bradshaw (2007), in any profession, employees are attracted to work for an organization that can guarantee a full-time job.1 This way, employees are assured of job security and development in their course of employment in the organization. With this in mind, Black CAP employs individuals to work for it on a contract basis, which is a part-time job that lasts for three to five years. In this regard, the organization has the challenge of hiring people that wish to work on a part-time basis. In fact, studies have documented that most of the people that work on a part-time basis lack the necessary skills, experience, and competence that can foster organizational growth (Allen 2008). This is attributable to the idea of lack of full-time job that can lock such people from acquiring skills and experience obtained by people employed permanently through training and development and other incentives accrued from long term employment.2

Therefore, Black CAP may end up only hiring desperate employees that have failed to secure a job in other organizations and decide to work in any organization under any working conditions provided by the organization. Besides, Kim (2006) noted that owing to the fact that the employees know that they would not be working for the organization for a long time, employees can lack the required motivation to keep them productive to bring change to the organization.3 Yudhvir (2012) argued that there are many incentives that help improve the morale of workers including non-monetary benefits.4 One of these incentives is the assurance of the employer to the employee that he has a permanent job that he can rely on. This way, the employee is motivated to work hard to produce top results for the organisation.5

Since Black CAP is a nonprofit organization, its remuneration package for its employees is much far less than that of private and public sectors. Therefore, the organization is faced with the challenge of attracting proficient employees&nbsp.who would wish to work in an organisation where they are remunerated well (Chaudhary 2012).&nbsp.

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