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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on two treatments for the criminal mind.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on two treatments for the criminal mind. &nbsp.Crime science is the study of crime in order to find ways to prevent, detect and solve crimes ethically and with regard to the broader social implications of interventions. Three features distinguish crime science from criminology: it embraces the physical, computer and engineering sciences as well as the social. it focuses on crime rather than criminals, and it is single-minded about cutting crime, rather than studying it for its own sake. Crime science was conceived by the British broadcaster Nick Ross in the late 1990s in order to recruit scientific methods to crime prevention, with encouragement from the then Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir John Stevens and Professor Ken Pease.

There are as many reasons to commit crimes as there are people on this planet. Below are some general motives that cover a wide variety of crimes.

  • People stand in the way of the criminal achieving a particular goal.
  • The criminal figures the end result is worth the risk and the damage.
  • The criminal wants revenge for a real or imagined offense.
  • A good end justifies evil deeds.
  • The crime doesn't seem as wrong to the criminal as it does to the victim.
  • Outside influences put pressure on the criminal so that he feels as if something made him do it.
  • The criminal lacks a sense of responsibility. (Such crimes are often blamed on temporary insanity.)
  • The criminal has no desire to remember because the past is irrelevant.
  • The crime is committed as a form of self-defense -- often in an emotional sense. For example, a criminal might kill loved ones to prevent them from leaving.
  • The criminal has a different memory of events than her victims have, either because of a genuine personality disorder or because perceptions vary from one individual to another

There are two major approaches to the criminal mind. I’d like to start with a situational one.&nbsp. The situational approach is the analysis of different situations that can make people commit the crime.

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