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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why comprehensive sex education should be taught in the united states.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why comprehensive sex education should be taught in the united states. There is no point denying the fact that making sex education part of the curriculum to be taught to the students is true, one of the most effective means of its deliverance. Despite that, justification of&nbsp.such an attempt requires considerable rationale because deliverance of sex education in schools and colleges would decide the children’s orientation towards sex. The way sex education is delivered, the age at which students are delivered particular concepts and the sensibility students show towards gaining such knowledge are critical factors that can both make and ruin a nation. Looking at the matter from such a broad perspective raises several issues. What becomes particularly challenging is the selection and designing of the most rational form of curriculum and coursework that would effectively deliver all concepts without being offensive on moral and ethical grounds. Despite all these problems, it is imperative that sex education is delivered in order to have the nation educated on various aspects of sex. This will pave the way to maturing the attitude people generally adopt towards sex. Lack of sex education makes people susceptible to acquiring various sexually transmitted diseases.

Many issues the American society confronts today pertain to sex. With the advent of technology, juveniles have developed a greater tendency towards visualizing sex without having matured enough to understand the underlying factors that encourage such a wide-scale projection of sex and vulgarity on media. Juveniles fall prey to sexual content displayed on uncensored channels and pornographic internet sites. Moved by the unexplored secrets of the “wonderland”, it is little wonder that they indulge in such practices that make them repent at a later stage in life. Most of the issues that surface over the course of time pertain to deteriorating sexual health. Apropos the inappropriate sexual practices, studies have shown that juveniles in America are frequently falling prey to sexual diseases. According to the 1997 report issued by the Institute of Medicine, every year, as many as 3 million cases of diseases transmitted sexually have been noticed among teenagers&nbsp.(Murphy).&nbsp.

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