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Your organization has decided to move its premises to Perth city.

Q1. Your organization has decided to move its premises to Perth city. Submit a report on how you have conducted an effective consultation process with relevant stakeholders, including methods to gain their acceptance and agreement. (Please include your script, feedback collected in the consultation process).


You work as supervisor for a cleaning company, you have received a contract to

provide cleaning services for a large organization. Develop a resource proposal

for required to organise your tasks effectively.


You work as a HR manager for Apex Transport Company. You have been asked to

develop SMART goals for delivery drivers. Develop a plan to meet operational

objectives and gain approval from senior management. How would you engage

delivery drivers to meet the SMART goals?


You are working as a Human Resource manager for Technoxis. You have been asked

to develop policies and procedures to handle IP disputes for your organization.

Explain the steps you would consider to address different types of intellectual

property breaches.


You are working as a manager in a retail store. The business owner has asked

you to review the financial information and submit a report on the store

performance and profits earned for the year. What information will you review

and what factors can influence your store performance?


You are an HR manager for Schweppes Australia. You have noticed a dip in the

sales figures by 15%for first quarter of 2018, when compared to previous year's

sales. Draw a Fishbone diagram and review possible causes for the low sales

performance and effects on the business. Propose a solution to improve the

sales performance.


You are an HR manager of Car Company. You are given a responsibility to look

after induction and training processes that you use to ensure the new employees

are trained effectively to meet organizational/ operational needs.

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