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  • Waiting for answer Topic: Genetic Disease due to DNA mutation

    Attached is an outline to assist with the paper. A+ paper needed, NO PLAGIRISM, APA FORMAT  3-4 "content" pages with an introduction, body and conclusion and a reference page References for paper: How can gene mutations affect health and development? - Genetics Home Reference. (April). Retriev...

  • Waiting for answer mint plant homework 4

    this is my home work for mint plant i want you to do power point and please see the direction there are some point it have to be in the presentation  and i will send you what we did before to help you 

  • Waiting for answer Please fix my lab report

    Please fix my lab report according to my instructors comments and it's due on Monday,  April 24 , 2017 by 12:00 pm 

  • Waiting for answer BIO Final Project

    THERE ARE TWO PARTS TO THE FINAL PROJECT:  BOTH ARE ATTACHED BELOW. PART 1:  SHARING SHEET: PICK A TOPIC WE COVERED IN CLASS, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AND ASK SOMEONE YOU KNOW (parents, siblings, room mate, friend, significant other, a total stranger, any student in Starbucks, etc. )  PS: THE TOPIC I...

  • Waiting for answer week12

    our book talks about several discoveries of early Homo. Please detail these discoveries. Stop at Late Archaic Homo Lumpers or Splitters? Which one do you think is right? Support your answer with evidence. Just stating your opinion will get you no points. 

  • Waiting for answer "Energy Sources and Energy for Life" Note: Online students,...

    "Energy Sources and Energy for Life" Note: Online students, please respond to one (1) of the following three (3) bulleted items. Discuss three (3) types of energy sources used by cells then provide two (2) examples of when / in what cells / situations your chosen energy sources are used. Next desc...

  • Waiting for answer answer the questions with short answer . cite your work

    1.    (2pt) Charles Darwin studied finches on the Galápagos Islands. The finches on each island had slightly different beaks. According to Darwin, how did the finches all get different beaks? 2.    (1pt) Define natural selection in your own words. 3.    (2pt) Light-colored lizards move to an are...

  • Waiting for answer Persuasive speech: Breastfeeding

    Persuasive speech  * 5-7 minute  Introduction: 1- attention getting 2- connection to topic 3- topic 4- thesis 5- road map Body: Cause of problem 1- cause 1 2- cause 2 Effect of problem 1- societal  2- individual Solution  1- societal 2- avdience Conclusion  1- thesis 2- AGD 3- closing statement Sour...

  • Waiting for answer 6 hours assignment/biology Asap

    I attended the report please read it carefully. I need you to write Result, conclusion and discussion sections. One paragraph for each section

  • Waiting for answer biology paper

    i bought a paper here but it was all plagiarized. i need someone who can do mine instead of relying on other student's wor.. it is biology paper 5 pages research work. i will pay $25 and will send details

  • Waiting for answer Epidemiology

    Visual presentation The purpose of this assignment is to use an epidemiological approach to present a health problem or event that have raised a public health concern. Consider covering the following points in your presentation: What  is the health problem or event? Who  is affected by the proble...

  • Waiting for answer 2 pages

    In one single spaced page or 2 double spaced pages you have to write about: Motivation and Rewards System Explain how the established organization motivate and rewards its members' performance. Do your writing about the both sides Team members in the organization and Clints or customers (Parents...

  • Waiting for answer biology lab report

    write a lab report about Studies of yeast respiration with the oxygen electrode the files are attached one of them is result in XL file and the other one is brief

  • Waiting for answer MasterTutor 2011

    Pick a type of cancer to research. Find articles that answer questions concerning your chosen type of cancer. This assignment will help you to organize the sources you will use in the Unit V Research Paper. An annotated bibliography consists of two parts: the reference citation in APA format, follow...

  • Waiting for answer 3 Biology Discussion Questions

    Question for you to answer: The hepatic portal system carries blood from the digestive organs to the liver. Explain why this is necessary. Question for you to answer: Alcohol can cause both obesity and malnutrition. Explain why Question for you to answer: Define edema and discuss three urinary sy...

  • Waiting for answer Weight Management Meal Planning

    Use the weight of 320, with a age of 29 Female  ONLY THOSE WHO ARE HIGHLy RATED AND PROFICIENT IN NUTRITION WORK 

  • Waiting for answer biology assignment

    No grammatical errors No plagiarism original work not given to any other student follow instructions answer question completely and clearly

  • Waiting for answer Discussion #3: Interdependence of Life

    In this discussion, you will justify the dependence of life on the sun and the interdependence of living things and their chemistry. People who do not understand the relationships between biological processes on the planet may roll their eyes at the statement, "Life on this planet is a delicate bala...

  • Waiting for answer Neurogenesis and Stem Cell Use

    Discussion: Neurogenesis and Stem Cell Use For full credit on discussions, you  must address all questions to be considered (see instructions below). It was the belief for many years that the cells of nervous tissue do not regenerate.  In other words, until the last decade, researchers felt that wh...

  • Waiting for answer Biology Discussion Question

    THE END OF PLENTLY (read pages 75-86) Answer the following questions, keep it brief.  Tell me what the issue is in the reading, what is being done to help the issue, and what you personally can do to help the issue.  Make sure...

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