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  • Waiting for answer Topic
    Analyze the following topic. The answer should be 350 500 words. Excellent answers will address each portion of the question, provide concrete evidence of the student s reading and be grammatically and structurally correct. The paper needs to be formatted according to GCU style requirements. Cons...
  • Waiting for answer essay about musical tone
    Discussion #1 Whom discovered the ratios for musical tones? Research this question, and post your findings with source citations from PLAUSIBLE sources only.(3 sources) Discussion #2 Draw the line? In this day and age of technology, where music can be listened to almost anywher...
  • Waiting for answer music appreciation
    Discussion #1 Spam . Is it real? Is there a difference between a live performance and a canned one (CD, YouTube, MTV, iTunes, etc)? Discuss the differences, and think about why attending a live performance is so much more of a visceral experience, and how technology sanitizes (Autot...
  • Waiting for answer discussion
  • Waiting for answer Critical Thinking Q&A
    Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences On your way to a restaurant you notice a billboard advertising a local gym. There is a picture of a fit, young man and a woman in workout clothes, laughing. To one side is the name of the gym, and on the other is the following sentence: Who sa...
  • Waiting for answer Phonology - Linguistics
    Please complete the linguistics/phonology assignment. Thanks
  • Waiting for answer Topic 5 2
    Each analysis should be 750 850 words. Please attach a copy of the poem you are analyzing. (The poem is not part of the total word count.) Analyze a poem or poem excerpt from the text that ranges from sonnet length (fourteen lines) to three pages. Pick either a poet whose work was not read or discus...
  • Waiting for answer popular culture MUSIC and more
  • Waiting for answer Popular Culture
    discussion#1 what is the driving force behind popular culture? ((hint:it is NOT you)) First- Read the hint in the title. One can easily tell in the discussion as to whether or not it has been read. Second- This is a little read, but this is college, right? So, here we go! Popular Cultu...
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