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AN INDIVIDUAL SWOT ANALYSIS , Principle of management assignment help

An Individual SWOT Analysis 

In order to maintain and sustain a competitive advantage, companies continue to analyze their overall strategy in light of their current situation. In doing so, they often use a SWOT analysis, which focuses on the strengths and weaknesses in the firm’s internal environment and the opportunities and threats present in the firm’s external environment. One way to gain experience in conducting a SWOT analysis is to perform one on themselves—in other words, conduct a personal SWOT analysis. Assume you have just completed your college education and are ready to apply for a job as a manager of a small- to medium-sized facility. Please perform a personal SWOT analysis. After that, please answer the following question.

  1. In light of the SWOT analysis, what plans might you propose for yourself that will help you maximize your strengths, exploit your opportunities, and minimize your weaknesses and threats? Write three S.M.A.R.T. goals (remember Chapter 5) that will help you implement your plans.
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