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An introduction of a chemistry lab report

For those who have a chimistry background only!!

I have a chemistry lab and I am working on HPAEC.  HIGH PERFORMANCE ANION EXCHANGE COLUMN. For now, You only need to write about 2 pages or 2.5 pages intro about  HPAEC. I am attaching an example from another student who took this lab last semester just to give you an idea. It was about different topic and machine but just to give you an insight into what the professor looking for. The example has intro, materials, and methods. For now, I need you to write the intro. Then, I will send you the materials list and methods in another request to continue the report if I liked your work. I am also providing 4 little article You can use as references.

1- http://tools.thermofisher.com/content/sfs/brochures/TN-20-Analysis-Carbohydrates-HPAE-PAD-TN70671-EN.pdf

2- http://www.chemistry.mcmaster.ca/berti/safety/Manuals/Rheodyne_7725i_injector_manual.pdf

3- http://www.protein.bio.msu.ru/biokhimiya/contents/v78/pdf/bcm_0697.pdf

4- http://www.qrins.com/tt/site/ttboard.cgi?act=download&db=catalog&aidx=107&fidx=1

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