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applying principles

Last week you took an assessment to help you identify your Decision Style. Obviously, there are no "good" or "bad" decision styles -- just different ones. And the effectiveness of the style will depend on the situation. From the knowledge you gained from assessing your decision style and reading the information provided on the style assessment, think of how differing decision styles will affect team decision-making and cooperation. What about family decision-making and cohesion? How might differing styles divide a team or family? Do you think it would be helpful for every member to identify and understand his or her own decision style? What benefits do you foresee? Think of a person with whom you closely work or live, how is their decision style different from your own? Knowing your style and identifying their style, what steps can the two of you take to work cooperatively with the differing styles?

Compose a 300-400 words APA format.

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