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Assignmentt 3

The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

  1. Watch video “EE495 – Week 3 – Lecture”
  2. Read Chapter 6 in the text Modern Control Systems, 12th Edition.
  3. Work the following problems:
    1. A system has a characteristic equation: q(s) = s3 + 20s2+ 5s + 100 = 0
      • Determine whether the system is stable using the Routh-Hurwitz criterion.
      • Determine the roots of the characteristic equation.
    2. A system has the characteristic equation: q(s) = s3 + 10s2+ 29s + K = 0
      • Shift the vertical axis to the right by 2 by using s = sn – 2, and determine the value of gain K so that the complex roots are s = -2 ± j.
  4. Save work in a file with the title: “HW3_StudentID”, with your student id substituted in the file name.  Show all work for full credit.
  5. Upload file “HW3_StudentID”

Lab 3

The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

  1. A unity negative feedback system with Gc(s)G(s) = K(s + 2) / (s(1 + τs)(1 +2s)) has two parameters to be selected.
    1. Determine and plot the regions of stability for this system.
    2. Select τ and K so that the steady-state error to a ramp input is less than or equal to 25% of the input magnitude.
    3. Determine the percent overshoot for a step input for the design selected in part (b).Use MATLAB to plot y(t) for a step input R(s).
  2. Include all MATLAB code, calculations and screenshots in a Word entitled “Lab3_StudentID”.
  3. Upload file “Lab3_StudentID”

ET 410

Developing Requirements and SDR Documents

1.     Based on the lectures, the Engineering Design text (especially 2.2, 6.1, 6.3, 7, and 8), and your research, do the conceptual design (as explained in Chapter 2 and also above) for your project. Two or three alternative designs should be considered with functional block diagrams for all of them.  You may submit your Conceptual Design Review or System Design Review document as a powerpoint presentation or as a written document.  You may use templates as a guide by doing a search of "conceptual design review template" or "system design review template." 

  1.  Create a Project Requirements Document for your chosen design.  It should include a functional block diagram of the design along with the functional specifications.  This should be a written document.  It is worthwhile to look for templates to guide you by doing a search of "project requirements document" or "requirements specification template" or "specification document template."   
  2. Update your Lessons Learned Document.
  3. Be sure to save these documents along with the one last week as you will need to submit these in Week 1 of ET450.
  4. Submit these in the dropbox.
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