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Each student will write a case. The case will consist of 10 pages, not including the title page, abstract, references, or appendices. Students will select an organization of their choice and conduct secondary research from both Christian and non-religious scholarly business journals, by using SWU Rickman Library databases (e.g., Business Source Complete, Business Source Premier, etc.), in order to define a research question/issue/problem pertaining to the organization selected. Each student will write a case in APA format, while providing at least 10 credible sources. For grading, see Appendix B in the course syllabus: Grading Rubric for Writing Cases.

Students should support their recommendations to the CEO with no less than 10 credible sources, with a mixture of scholarly business journals, annual reports, business books, and the company website. Using the databases to search the business literature is the only way to properly support the recommendations made to the CEO. Here are some library guide links for students to use with the cases:

There are 5 attachments- 4 Drucker Assignments

Annotated Bibliography of reading assignment from the Rickman Library

Also attached the Article just in case you need then 

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