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BIOS 135 Week 1 Quiz

This document of BIOS 135 Week 1 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. The most effective control subjects in a test of an experimental treatment are which of the following?2. You notice that there is more traffic between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. This would be a(n) _________.3. Deductive reasoning is used to make ________ based on a hypothesis.4. Each of the following is a testable hypothesis, EXCEPT which of the following?5. How many grams of sugar (a carbohydrate, 4 kcal/g) are in a can of soda, if there are 200 kcal and no fat or protein?6. When a solid is converted directly to a gas, the change of state is called which of the following?7. The energy of motion is referred to as which of the following?8. Which if the following is a NOT a heterogeneous mixture?9. Which if the following is a homogeneous mixture?10. The heat of fusion for water is 80.0 cal/g. How many calories of heat are released when 20.0 g of water at 0 degrees C is frozen to ice?11. Upon arriving home, you flip the hall light switch, but the light won't turn on. Propose a way you could apply the scientific method to solve this problem. Be sure to identify and address clearly all four steps of the scientific method in your answer.

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