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Business Communication homework

Answer the following in 150-300 words

SCENARIO: Your supervisor has asked you to withhold important information that you think should be included in a report you are preparing. Disobeying him could be disastrous for your working relationship and your career. Obeying him could violate your personal code of ethics. What should you do? On the basis of the discussion in Chapter 1, would you consider this situation to be an ethical dilemma or an ethical lapse? Explain your analysis in a brief memo addressed to your instructor.

Use of first person voice is appropriate for this assignment. Please remember to be clear and concise while incorporating an understanding of the chapter objectives in your response.

Sample Answer:TO: Ava Stevens, MBAFROM: Lucy WhittenDATE: March 3, 2012RE: Skybird Account

Dear Ava:

Per your request, I am writing in reference to the Skybird account, to update you concerning my progress. As you know, I have been working tirelessly to bring this account to a close, and I look forward to doing so in a manner that is satisfactory to you, to our client, and to our organization. This desire, along with my commitment to maintain airtight professional ethics, compels me to discuss with you the necessity of including the previously redacted information in the body of our report.

I respect your opinion highly and am grateful to you for the opportunity to work on this prestigious project, yet I believe that an exclusion of these materials would constitute a major breach of professionalism on our part and would violate our client’s trust as well as our corporate principles. In short, such a course of action would be unethical. While I am inimitably grateful for the opportunity to work on this project, which has taught me so much about the workings of our organization and large-scale accounts, if we are to exclude the aforementioned information from our final report, I will not be able to continue to work on this project.

I have immense respect for you as a supervisor, and I value this assignment tremendously. As such, I wish to retain your trust and the faith of our clients, who have invested so much in this project. I, too, have invested much time, energy, and faith in what we are doing, and I hope to continue to work on this phenomenal opportunity, under your excellent direction.

Thank you in advance for your time. I will be in the office as scheduled every day this week, and I look forward to discussing this with you in person at your convenience. In addition, I anticipate continuing to work under your dedicated guidance and leadership.



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