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Business Communications HW

Business Communication is a very broad field. A lot of times the communication begins internally with ourselves. We learned in the course Introduction to Communication, that internal communication is called intrapersonal communication. I would like for you to read the article associated with the series Work and Money that is found in the magazine entitled, RealSimple in its April 2017 issue. 

After reading about the article regarding the featured architect, I would also like you to read about the question that the columist "Becky" addresses as well because you will have to think about this question in the near future when you will apply to job postings. 

Respond to both reading pieces in a full page essay. At a minimum, answer the following questions: As a college student yourself, what did you learn from both readings? Do you think that it takes a certain skill set in marketing to achieve the success as the architect has accomplished or to achieve what the columist "Becky" has written about? Why do you believe this?

Remember to focus on quality writing skills and write at least a  full page or points will deducted. Submit the assignment as a Microsoft Office Word document only.

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