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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Music assigment. Blues after Dark a ndI remember Clifford by Benny Golson In blues after dark by Benny Golson, the physical performance incorporates the mind, b

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Music assigment. Blues after Dark a ndI remember Clifford by Benny Golson In blues after dark by Benny Golson, the physical performance incorporates the mind, body and soul as the musicians has mastered the right elements of performing on stage. As he performs, the musicians tactfully and precisely sing while on the stage, he deals with the spatial awareness on his audiences, thus are able to know what the audiences expect of him on the stage and give them that. In addition, his performance can also be witnessed from his character as he sings from the character as he is able to successfully move from his speech to song. The performance space is fabricated to depict his songs and musical concepts, thus easily altering the mood of his audiences from one stage to the next. The audiences are particularly attentive as the songs are being played as they find themselves knocked off their feet by the skillfulness and humor of the band. Moreover, the success of the majority of his albums has positively influenced the reception of his Benny performances as audiences are always eager to learn more from performances done by the band. The use of visual aspects in performances featuring blues after dark by Benny Golson add to the performance as they make the show lively, hence retaining the audience attention in listening the different bands being played.

Blues after dark by Benny Golson is a piece of the album gone with Gibson. The duration of the piece is eight minutes and thirty seven seconds and the original date which it was released was January 20, 2009. The tune reminds an audience of the artistry involved in the composition of the piece since it is associated with synchronized swimming. The piece also has a wonderful team of blues which is carefully coordinated to show the chemistry and teamwork resulting to the melancholy of the piece. The sound produced from the piece is rich and compelling to audiences as its simple and passionate.

I remember Clifford by benny Gibson is piece paying homage to the hard bop jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. The use of lyrics versions in this piece has improvised the use of instrumental solos, making the piece interesting to the different audiences present at the performance. The sound effects used in the piece also compliments the use of instruments like the piano, thus creating a rhythm that augurs well with audiences listening to the performance. Instrument use like use of string, brass enhances the beats of the piece thus making the performance to be conducted at the stipulated time.

Blues after dark by Benny Golson and I remember Clifford by benny Gibson are similar as they share the same vocal version. Moreover, the two pieces show that Gilson’s performances and playing are still edgy while also being philosophical when situations call for it. The sound effects, instruments and lyrics used in the two pieces goes in harmony with the songs thus making the pieces worthy for the audiences their expectations are of the songs and performance are met. However, the two pieces may be different as they both relay different messages and there are some instruments which are used in one piece but not used on the other piece.

In sum, the performance by Benny was astonishing as it kept me lively throughout the session. I liked how organized the band playing the performance was on the stage, but was not completely satisfied as not all the band members were participating in the performance by character. In the future, I will still attend Benny’s performances as I am a jazz fanatic and would strive to meet with the event coordinators to share my recommendations of the performances like on ways of involving the band to participate in character by advising them to dance to the different pieces being played.

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