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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Epigenetic.Download file to see previous pages... These factors and stimuli could have contributed to the development of Epigenomes that promote the development of

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Epigenetic.

Download file to see previous pages...

These factors and stimuli could have contributed to the development of Epigenomes that promote the development of diabetes. The condition suffered by auntie could also be attributed to inheritance, whereby she could have inherited the epigenome favorable to diabetes from her mother. There is also a characteristic of all male members of the family developing premature white hair independently of their age. This can also be explained through the study of epigenetics, where the epigenome responsible for premature white hair in males, is inhibited by a female-specific epigenome. People can improve their life expectancy ratings by controlling the environment they live in and the things they associate with their bodies. An example of my family is that there has never been a case of cancer may be because all members of my family are mostly farmers. This means that their diet was better than it is now because it originated from the farm. There was little contact with processed food as is evident these days, which can contribute to the development of lifestyle diseases like obesity and hypertension. A good understanding of epigenetics can help people improve their life expectancy ratings. It makes them aware of factors that can affect their health. This information is used in designing lifestyle changes that can improve one’s health and prolong their life. Epigenetics as an area of study can be used to further research aimed at developing solutions and cures to life-threatening conditions like cancer and diabetes....

This was attributed to differences in environmental factors that each got exposed to as time passed. There were two twins, where one of them was diagnosed with cancer while the other one did not have cancer. This serves as a good example to complement the argument that environment factors have a part to play in genetic expression. This is because epigenetic mechanisms determine the phenotype without changes occurring in the geneotype (DeWitt et al, 2007). This means that people have a part to play where their health is concerned because they can choose to lead healthier lifestyles. This would impact positively on the development of favorable Epigenomes because an unhealthy lifestyle translates to the introduction of unfavorable substances into the cells. These substances in turn negatively impact on the formation of detrimental Epigenomes that can cause development of cancer and other undesirable conditions. Epigenetics is currently being put into focus by researchers because it has become clear that it has a vital role in the development of diseases in the human body. These diseases include cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and obesity. The lifestyle that individuals adopt significantly affects them not only at the social, economical and cultural level, but also at the gene level. This is illustrated by epigenetics where there is the inheritance of changes in gene expression that were caused by external factors other than intrinsic DNA factors (Gasser &amp. Li, 2011). The role that epigenetics play in our everyday life is extremely valuable, and it requires people to pay close attention to the life they lead.

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