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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Masculinities.Download file to see previous pages... Listen here bro I follow orders. Matt: So what are you talking about? William: I mean there is nothing between

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Masculinities.

Download file to see previous pages...

Listen here bro I follow orders. Matt: So what are you talking about? William: I mean there is nothing between that fool and me. All I know is that somebody in a high office fixed our names alongside the case. Matt: Whatever they say man. I do not give a d_**, by the way do you remember the she we met at Roger’s, she just called me!! William: So what is your plan thirsty boy? I know she will never try it again... ha...ha... Matt: Nothing- nothing to worry about. I will do her not a thing you know who I am. I am. a captain in mv-22. We trust nobody. William: That is my boy holly Matt. if only the stones of Afghan would tell. Key to Transcription Symbols Word or Word The Speaker emphasizes the underlined : Sound elongation - Word is cut off {_*_(n.n)} A word has been distorted ha...ha... Laugh …?? ridicule Analysis The transcript above is from an audio recording made on December 21, 2012 at an unknown time. The recording is between Matt and William, and it was carried out during a meeting between the two old friends. Both Matt and Williams served in the US navy, and they had both been deployed in various undercover missions in Afghanistan and Somalia. Due to their experience, they had learnt to care about each other, although they always maintained a tough attitude towards each other. Separated by ranks and united by mission, William and Matt were best friends. The interaction begins with usual gestures and conversations, but it has loose language. This is a characteristic of male homosocial relationships. From the transcript, it is clear that Matt and William’s relationship was based on friendship and mutual understanding. Moreover, the relationship is based on mutual dependency, trust, and common interests. This is because both William and Matt were military officers who had minimal feelings for others and themselves. In the article “Public Intimacy: Dynamics of Seduction in Male Homosocial Interactions”, Danny Kaplan analyzes factors that enhance male homosocial behaviors. According to Kaplan, homosocial behaviors are dependent on the environment. In this case, the two are used to military operations and hard environments. This has made them develop a form of brotherly love to enhance their survival. Although the two are concerned about each other’s welfare, they do not show any form of emotional attachment to a problem (Willott 98). In addition, they do not reveal their emotion to the public. This is a strong characteristic of male homosocial relationships. In such relationships, showing emotions, particularly in the public behavior, is considered women’s behavior (Bird 130). Due to the nature of their work, Matt and William were expected not to trust anyone. This is in accordance with their duties and code of conduct, whereby military officers are not supposed to share confidential information. Although male homosocial relationships are supposed to be emotionless, men also need emotional support. However, this happens differently, as exhibited in the transcript record above. From the conversation, it is clear that men share their emotions by confiding in one another (Kiesling 78). Alternatively, they can share their emotions by mentoring one another. In the conversation above, the two men share secrets, and it is their obligation not to share it with others.

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