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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Sigmund Freud.Download file to see previous pages... Although, the multiple demonstrations of psychoanalysis as they are today, it can be dated back to Freud’s u

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Sigmund Freud.

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Although, the multiple demonstrations of psychoanalysis as they are today, it can be dated back to Freud’s unique work (Krull, K., &amp. Kulikov, B. 2006). The inventive treatment of dreams, actions by Freud, and also of cultural artifacts as perpetually keeping the inherent symbolic implication has shown to be an amazingly innovative thing, and have huge significance for a huge variety of different fields such as anthropology, psychology, artistic creativity, semiotics, and also appreciation. But, most significant of Freud’s claim is that psychoanalysis is a triumphant science of human mind, which is the celebrated subject of controversy and serious debate (Freud, S. 1952). The theory of unconscious by Freud is very deterministic which is a fact considering the science of nineteenth century. The first thinker to study the deterministic principles, Freud carries the open spectrum of human mind and behavior which is understandable in terms of mostly hidden mental states or processes which verify it. Therefore, as an alternative of treating behavior of neurotic as unexplainable, which was the norm of thinkers for centuries- Freud, despised them saying that the mental states have a meaning and an explanation attached to individuals. He said that slips of tongue or pen, or obsessive dreams and behavior were determined by secret causes prevalent in the person’s mind, these causes reveal themselves in dreams or else the person wouldn’t know about it. This gives us an idea that our choices o our dreams are not an illusion and are hammed in our secret mental processes of which we don’t know much or are uncontrollable (Freud, S. 1952). The infantile theory of Freud is seen as an important part of larger developmental theory of the human personality. This theory had its genesis in the former discovery that the distressing childhood events could have disturbing pessimistic effects on adult as an individual, and the general thesis which was drawn from this contemplation that early childhood sexual experiences shape individual’s life in future. From Freud’s concepts about instincts or drives, the infant is driven by his desire for sexual pleasure since the time of his birth and this encompasses the crucial desire to let go of mental energy. In the beginning, infant get this pleasure or release from sucking act which is also called the ‘oral’ area of development. The stage that comes after it is the locus of pleasure or better known as release of energy in anus, mostly in defecation act and it is called ‘anal’ stage. Subsequently, this young child develops a profound sexual appeal towards the opposite gender, and also animosity towards parent having same sex which is called Oedipus complex. However, this leads to guilt feeling in child, that he can never replace the parent (Freud, S., &amp. In Brill, A. A. 1938). It should be clear why Freud has been so popular in Western World because of theory and practice of psychoanalysis as it is an area of great controversy. In reality, the controversy that relates Freud is more multi-faceted and heated than to any other 1850 thinker exception of Darwin. Freud theory was endangered by rational confusions coming out of his supposed long-standing addiction to the drug cocaine which has made a significant, empirical detection, which is surprisingly in favor of unconscious theory (Thurschwell, P. 2000).

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