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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Visual Communication.Download file to see previous pages... Sandro was born Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, but his name Alessandro later shortened to San

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Visual Communication.

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Sandro was born Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, but his name Alessandro later shortened to Sandro. He also adapted the nickname of his brother. Botticelli which meant little barrel (Mattern 8). Sandro defied the norm of drawing sculptures that depicted existence and had aspects of life in them. Instead, he focused on drawing works of art of different and flat nature. He later began painting works that were religiously motivated after being hired by an influential man to assist in his drawing and painting (Mattern 23). This opportunity was like a breakthrough for Sandro since he ended up drawing pictures for several churches in Florence. Consequently, this marketed him widely since many people became aware of his existence, as well as his works of art (Sterling 9). He developed and nurtured his skills in art when he started making paintings, and for quite sometime worked with a Florentine artist who guided him through the art of mixing paints (Mattern 25). The artist, FraFilippo Lippi was the one who taught Sandro the art of mixing paints. FraFilippo also taught Sandro the best possible way of bringing in varied compositions and paintings to the perspective that people would appreciate. Discussion The Mystic Nativity is a work of art that was created by Sandro Botticelli during his years as an artist. This piece of art is considered one of his very many ingenious compositions. As a matter of fact, it is the only piece of art among his several creations that he signed his name on. to indicate and mark it as his piece. The Mystic Nativity painting was created by Sandro in 1500C. This was the period during monk Girolamo Savonarola preaching’s. Botticelli was extremely motivated by the monk’s preaching. thus, becoming his ardent supporter (Sterling 56). This contributed to the pieces of art that he produced. It is worth noting that Sandro created this work of art with oil in canvas after attending one of the sessions of monk Savonarola’s preaching. The Mystic Nativity was seen as a response to one of Savonarola’s preaching. The Mystic Nativity piece by Sandro Botticelli is housed at the National Gallery in London. It also from another view considered to portray the struggle and sufferings that the people of Italy were facing as at that time. As is illustrated in the translations of the statements written on top of the painting, Sandro reveals that the painting was made during a time that Italy was facing some troubles. (Kren and Marx) asserts that Sandro made this painting towards the end of the year 1500 when Italy was facing difficulties. This period was half the time after the period indicated in chapter eleven of the book of Saint John in the second desperation of the Apocalypse after the loss of the devil for a period of three and a half years. This shows that his art was infact meant to document the suffering faced by the pilgims in their struggles during the religious war periods. It is an art work that he created and designed to bring out the different moods. This is attributed to the fact that people use the painting to demonstrate celebration, happiness and joy in togetherness. This is mainly seen with people who use it on Christmas cards, during the period of jubilation for Christian believers celebrating the birth of Christ (Sterling 35).

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