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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Relationship Between Denudation and Climate.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Relationship Between Denudation and Climate. The period of mountain rising is directly linked to global climate change through weathering and airflow modification. The geomorphic processes are significant in climatic change because the weathering processes release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that has great impacts on the climate.

The chapter also discusses the cycles of rocks and water. The earth is comprised of the solid lithosphere, the watery hydrosphere, and the gaseous atmosphere. The spheres lead to the exchange of solids, liquids, and gasses in the cycles of water and hydrological cycle as well as the rock cycle. The other important cycle in the three spheres is the biogeochemical cycle that aids in the circulation of chemical elements in the crust, the upper mantle, and the ecosphere.

The water cycle refers to the circulation of the water in the meteoric system through the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the upper regions of the crust. The process is associated with the circulation of the juvenile water that is associated with the rock cycle and the production of magma. The land phase is significant in the water cycle because it is through it that water is transferred from the land surface back to the atmosphere.

In addition to the water cycle, the rock cycle refers to the action of the creation and destruction of the earth material, the crust, comprising of the rocks and minerals. The rocks start the decomposition and disintegration processes through the action of weathering. Wind, water, and gravity aid the transportation of the weathering products to the hydrosphere. It is on the ocean floor that the deposition of the particles occurs. The burial of the loose rock sediments leads to cementation, compaction, and recrystallization and the result is the formations of the sedimentary rocks. The sedimentary rocks may be converted to metamorphic rocks through deep burial. Granite may also be produced through other deep-seated processes. The three types of rocks may later join in the next stage of the rock cycle.

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