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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Mental Toughness Skills for a Nations Defenders.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Mental Toughness Skills for a Nations Defenders. This book has provided the psychological skills that enhance mental toughness in order to achieve success, a good performance, safety and survival in the field. A report review by Colonel Peter J. Williams shows appreciation of the authors work and termed it as a timely work as it came when the US soldiers had just returned from Afghanistan. The book’s foundation is psychological skills of mental toughness which promote military and police performance especially in missions and operations of high stress.

From the onset, this book offers a short test with an aim to give readers an idea of where they stand in the mental toughness approach. This ranges from “You’re in Command” to “Basic Training as time” as the book continues to describe the various aspects of mental toughness development. The book acknowledges that there are training manuals that advocate for mental toughness but has failed in teaching how it is developed. The authors argue that mental toughness is more than just the aggressiveness and determination to win. They add that “it is possessing, understanding and being able to utilize a set of laid down psychological skills which permit efficient execution of adjustment, decision-making perseverance, physical and strategic skills learned in training or by experience” (Asken, Lauren, & Dave 10).

In most cases, the police and military receive psychological counseling which is becoming of less importance and the authors feel that it is like riding a horse behind the carts. He feels that they should be well equipped to be more resilient to stress by offering pre-event counseling.&nbsp. One of the authors, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman put across the importance of mental readiness as: “In the end, it is not about the ‘hardware’, it is about the ‘software’.

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