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Compose a 1000 words essay on Core concept needed to be an effective youth worker. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... These organizations also look for sponsors to fina

Compose a 1000 words essay on Core concept needed to be an effective youth worker. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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These organizations also look for sponsors to finance various projects. However, the most significant requirement is probably that of trainers and facilitators, who directly interact with the youth.

The youth workers who work for various government and non-government organizations can instinctively follow certain moral principles and also take the help of formal training in order to develop the core competencies required for this mission. The core competencies needed to be an effective youth worker are many and varied since motivating and managing the youth is a challenging job. The entry-level youth development workers require domain knowledge, analytical skills and positive attitude. In addition to that they must have enormous level of patience as most of the times they will find themselves working actually on the mindsets of the target audience than anything else.

The youth workers should be able to understand how a person evolves through the various stages of life and what kind of evolution takes place before, during and after the adolescence. They should have the fundamental knowledge of youth development programs and the processes associated with that. They should be able to apply this basic knowledge taking into consideration the contemporary trends and issues that influence youth development. These workers should be able to develop and facilitate age appropriate activities for the group. The activities should be engaging and the participants should be able relate these activities to their lives.

The objective of the youth developmental work is to enable the youth to take decisions that add to the social, economic, political and ecological well-being of the community. To attain this objective, the workers have to develop effective programs. Once these programs are executed it is also required to follow up the programs in order to check the progress and bring amendments wherever necessary making sure that the goals and objectives of the programs are achieved. Again, for ensuring the success of these programs it is important to develop strategies for evaluating the effect and outcome of these programs.

Workers involved in the youth development projects undertaken by the government organizations, voluntary organizations, trusts and public bodies must have the core competencies that are necessary to promote effective leadership, decision-making and implementation skills among the youth. Those organizing the youth development programs should think of more and more activities related to youth leadership development. Apart from summing up the basic leadership qualities, the youth should be provided mock leadership experience through participatory activities, which will enable the participants to understand the challenges of leadership role. These organizations should hire facilitators, faculty and agents who would be able to build a rapport with the youth and would be able to communicate the objectives of the programs. For this they need to be concerned about and interested in the feelings, the inadequacies and the ambitions of the youth.

The facilitators should be good listeners who can listen with empathy and objectivity and without being judgmental. They can start with sharing the various problems that face the youth, for example, they can talk about job opportunities to the unemployed youth.

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