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Compose a 2000 words essay on Policy Development. Needs to be plagiarism free!Domestic Violence is one form of Interpersonal violence which is defined as violence committed by a person or persons insi

Compose a 2000 words essay on Policy Development. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Domestic Violence is one form of Interpersonal violence which is defined as violence committed by a person or persons inside a home against Elderly, young adult, intimate partner or children by another member of the same family. (Hayes-Bautista, Schink and Chapa, 2005) However, US Criminal Justice Policy only includes criminal murder or attempt of murder, forced or simple physical attack, sexual harassment, and burglary as violent crimes under the criminal codes. Most commonly their own children or children of their children abuse elders of the family. (De- Chesnay, Mary, 2008) Sometimes the poor health of older adults disturbs other members of the family as they become bound to listen to music in a low volume. As older people stay inside all the times so they don’t let others watch television channels of their own choice, which annoys other members of the family. Most of the older members of the family walk and talk slowly that also bothers others. Particularly in the case of violence against the elderly, lots of people agree to include emotional or mental abuse and neglect as a type of violence even if there is no existence of physical force. (Kilpatrick and Acierno, 2003) This is true that that mental or emotional abuse or neglect is ethically wrong and can prove to be extremely harmful to the elderly. Though, the main focus of this paper will be the US Government Policy for Elderly Abuse and Domestic Violence. Since the main objective of this document is to talk about US policy for Domestic Violence against Elderly it will be useful to first define public policy. Public Policy is defined as a group of laws, dictatorial measures, courses of acts, and financial support priorities in relation to a given issue that is publicized by a legislative body or its representatives. (Davidhizar & Shearer, 1999). Any policy is implemented by obeying legislation and regulation. The policy has played a major role in the manner America and other nations o the world deal with the dilemma of violence against the general public or elderly. US policy has made authorizing laws for Elderly physical or mental health issues, that also deals with the dilemma of violent crime against elderly at domestic or general level. The US Government has fixed the particular amount of funding that is spent in running programs that promotes prevention of elderly from violence at domestic or general level. Accoring to famous American Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, domestic violence is a major causative agent for poor physical or mental health problems in elderly. After his research, considerable efforts have been made to improve the usage of public health approaches and prevent the occurrence of domestic violence in adults. For a number of reasons that include major immigration flows, lower mortality, and longer life expectancy, most of the growth in America's elder population in the recent past has been driven by growth in the numbers of elderly of all nationalities and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The US Government is now showing a special interest in improving policies against Elderly Abuse. (Kilpatrick, 2003) Its main reason is, such types of crime eventually cost a lot to the society.&nbsp.

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