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Compose a 3500 words essay on Scottich Dolphin Centre, Spey Bey, Moray. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... There is diversity in the types of experiences. Whereas the o

Compose a 3500 words essay on Scottich Dolphin Centre, Spey Bey, Moray. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

There is diversity in the types of experiences. Whereas the only aspect that that all of the tourism experiences or products share is their inclusion of the element of wildlife, discussion and the labelling of the wildlife tourism, as a separate class of tourism turning out to be more and more common (ARLUKE, and SANDERS, 1996). The development of wildlife and marine tourism has been as a response to the increasing number of the individuals who seek to combine the efforts of conservation with their time offs or retreats. In the last few decades, there has been a rising demand for tourism which is inclusive of the features of the natural environment and really promotes but not destroying the natural environment (BATTEN, 2009). Marine and tourism has some aspects and one such aspect is making sure that this kind of tourism an actual interaction with the nature is encouraged whereas championing the efforts of conservation in the region. This puts the consumer in a better position of accomplishing their desired vacation experience whereas the natural environment is not interfered with at all as it continues to flourish. This kind of tourism actually draws inferences from various areas that are outside of the sector of tourism. Bringing the ideas or concepts of the various areas of research is what gives a good experience of wildlife tourist. Wild Scotland is among the most fundamental agencies or departments for the Scottish wildlife and marine tourism (WEAVER, 2007). The Wild Scotland is a none-profit making organization that offers the tourists the opportunities of getting involved with the wildlife together with activity holidays with the experts in the area. The organization was established in the year 2003, and then came to incorporate the Activity Scotland in the year 2011. Since the incorporation, it now includes all of the responsible nature tourism present in the country. According to the organization, they have an understanding of nature tourism as a commercial undertaking that should be well taken care of. that is environmentally, economically as well as ecologically to continue being in a position of providing future nature tourism in the country (WILKERSON, 2009). This is also same with some other organizations that are concerned with matters wildlife and marine tourism worldwide. One of the countries that lead in the provision of marine and wildlife tourism is Australia. This is particularly true because the country has some exceptional species that cannot be found easily anywhere else in the world (VEAL, 2006). However, what make the nature tourism to be successful in the country is the efforts made by the government, good and proper conservation and marketing. There are some parks in the country that keep the highly rare and species that are endangered, and these are in high demand by the tourists who travel from different parts of the world just to come and see (HENNING, 2009). This implies that these species are given the best possible care, thus giving the tourists the chance of being able to view something very unique that they cannot find easily in their countries or any other parts of the world. This is something that the tourism industry of Scotland can actually learn for the purposes of future development of the industry.

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