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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses The Holocaust.Download file to see previous pages... It is claimed that nearly six million Jews were massacred during these twelve years through different p

Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses The Holocaust.

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It is claimed that nearly six million Jews were massacred during these twelve years through different painful means, besides other cruelties inflicted upon the community. “Between 1941 and 1945, five to six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime, its allies, and its surrogates in the Nazi-occupied territories. Yet despite the extraordinary scale and intensity of the genocide, its prominence in recent decades was far from preordained.” (Mayer, 1988:107) Somehow, the Nazis and pro-Nazis refute(d) the very claim by declaring it an infamous blur on the very face of their party and its leader Adolf Hitler. They are of the opinion that the Nazi government persecuted only the traitors and the supporters of the rivals of Germany in order to suppress the rebellion and revolt against the German nation at large in order to escape any further treachery within Germany against her army and leadership on the one hand, and to save the country from dividing into ethnic, racial and religious groups and communities on the other. Since unity of a nation is vehemently necessary one during the time of war and peace, the communities challenging the unity and playing into the hands of the foes must be taught a remarkable lesson in order to avoid defeat, chaos, and turmoil in the country. Consequently, the Germans, according to the pro-Nazi claimants, did not kill the Jews en masse. on the contrary, the entire claims portraying holocaust are the product of the USA and her allies designed and planned to defame their opponent Adolf Hitler and Germany in such a nefarious manner that the future German generations would neither gather courage to raise any voice against the UK and USA altogether, nor could they seek the support from the Jewish community in order to fight war on some justified cause an issue. Hence, the Holocaust had been a burning issue as well as a moot point between pro-Jewish and pro-Nazis for the last six decades, and both the groups claim themselves as innocent and guiltless, which had to face the conspiracies, trials, and opposition from the rivals. Additionally, since Hitler sought the domination of the great and superior German nation, he intended to kill or kick out the sick, retarded, disable and infected people from Germany, so that the German nation could have consisted of brave, talented, healthy and vigorous individuals. “Unwanted children, in the eyes of Hitler, were orphans, children in care because of emotional or behavior problems, adolescent non-conformists as well as children with physical disabilities or mental handicaps (in addition to Jewish, Gypsy, and non-white children).” ( Before embarking upon the topic under study, it would be advisable to briefly throw light upon the historical background of the catastrophe. By critically examining the history of the world at large, it becomes evident that human beings had been at daggers drawn against one another since man’s arrival on the very face of the earth. Hundreds of thousands of wars had been fought and battlefields had been arranged and decorated by the groups, communities, states, and nations in order to subjugate the opponents in the name of seeking peace and justice by fighting&nbsp.against the people belonging to rival clans, communities, ethnic-racial groups, and religious faiths. Hence, ethnicity, race, and religion have always played the dominant role in waging and fighting wars between the opposing forces, states and countries.

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