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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Atypical development & abnormal behaviour.Download file to see previous pages... Nonetheless, they cannot stop fulfilling their responsibilities since there

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Atypical development & abnormal behaviour.

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Nonetheless, they cannot stop fulfilling their responsibilities since there may be no one else to do so. This paper assesses the problems associated with defining abnormality and the effects of an abnormal or developmental disorder on the individual and their careers. First, carers can be anyone, regardless of age or gender, who provides unpaid supervision and care for people who cannot manage to live solely. The latter includes the mentally disadvantaged, the physically disadvantaged, or those suffering from behavioral disorders such as schizophrenia. A major problem that carers face is their incompetency to deal with the irregular behavioral patterns from the people that they care for. For instance, in tom’s story (1), Louis parents were unable to deal with him and had to lock their bedroom daily whereas Louis’ siblings had to keep out of his way. In other words, carers only offer their services out of emotions, not skills or experience. Hence, there are many instances where professional skills are needed in order to the affected individuals to improve and possibly cater for themselves in the future. According to The Guardian (1), a survey in the UK showed that many young carers experienced a poorer physical and mental health status in continued years of caring. The report says that this is because young carers have more time to care for a person than the older carers who have to juggle between work and caring. However, this means that the young carers experience more tribulations regarding the unpredictability associated with the people that they care for. Moreover, since such carers are not emotionally mature, they may experience emotional strains as they do not understand the abnormal conditions of the people that they caring for. For instance, people suffering from psychosis or depression have a high possibility of attempting suicide. Furthermore, this has a negative impact on a carer’s mental health especially due to the common prejudices regarding the disadvantaged in the community (Lindon, 2). Despite these tribulations, the healthcare system is still not able to relieve the carers off their responsibilities. In many cases, professional help is slow and many families struggle to their last extend. In tom’s story, Tom had to wait for a year before they could access medical help for Louis. Furthermore, even after professional help, there may be little improvement on the individual. Hence, the carers are left with no remaining option for help. According to (Banerji, 113), this has a negative impact on the individual’s well-being since medical practitioners have an obligation of ensuring that they attain cure. Thus, the individuals continue to suffer against their will or knowledge. Consequently, Lindon (2) says that mental mental carers often have problems when obtaining information from social care and health professionals. This conclusion came from a 2007 study where more than eighty percent of carers claimed that healthcare experts failed to offer them the required services in their own right. As a result, affected individuals face a higher possibility of increased mortality rates. On the other hand, this describes abuse of human rights where the individuals and carers are oppressed in a civilized world (Banerji, 124). Consequently, certain conditions such as neurological disorders are difficult to understand among carers (Chan, 11).

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