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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Planning and Organizing.Download file to see previous pages... They also operate a mailing service, in which they offer product design, mailing list compilat

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Planning and Organizing.

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They also operate a mailing service, in which they offer product design, mailing list compilation, and actual mailing of materials. The firm recently began to market a line of apparel customized for industrial firms with printed company and personal identification. Planning Planning is considered as the central function of the management and pervades every action which a manger performs. The planning function tends to involve defining and setting goals and how to achieve them and integrate and coordinate them to reach the set goal (Sims, 9). Based on the information of the printing firm, the objective and goal of the firm would be to expand its business through its diversification strategy and aims to increase its turnover and enhance the organizational structure. Therefore to analyze the firm’s present and future situation, SWOT analyze a strategic planning method used to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the firm (Ferrel and Hartline, 122). Strength: The printing firm has a relevant experience of about 50years adding it to the list of strengths. The firm has adopted the diversification strategy both related field ad unrelated field seeking to achieve a competitive advantage. Adopted the low cost strategy which has resulted in profits for the firm The staff constitute of family members reducing the chance of fraud Sales is high and has a gross operating margin of 40% Weakness High competition with the direct sellers resulting in limited markup and volume the firm has been experiencing loss for the past 2 years, volume reduced to $3million from $5million The firm do not provide training programs to its staff Basic structural pattern is one of non cooperation and mistrust among employees and management Opportunity Mailing service has growth opportunity in the market and can be prime source of revenue and profit expansion in different market and products provide a better organization structure leading to motivation and efficient working provide training programs Threats Competition in various field like printing, apparels, mailing from big firms Conflict in the organization Depressed economic climate Therefore based on the SWOT analyses it can be said that the firm aims to be among the top most printing firms in Baltimore and with its diversification strategy can capture the market share in respective market with its new and improved products. The firm to encourage effective and efficient work should provide training programs so that they are able to handle the work more sincerely and with more dedication. It has a growth opportunity in mailing serve and if utilize properly it has the potential to increase its revenue and create a brand name in the sector. The firm should use its strength to overcome its weakness and use the opportunity so to overcome the threats. Organizing The printing press constitute of 35 employees which includes family members also. The president do not provides the authority to take any decisions to the vice president as he is not sure about their ability as well knowledge although they tend to have 5years of experience. The President can be said to have adopted the autocratic leadership style as he centralizes power and decision making and take the full responsibility and authority (Mehrotra, 7).

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