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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Business Information Management. It needs to be at least 3250 words.Download file to see previous pages... Raw data is reformed into meaningful pur

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Business Information Management. It needs to be at least 3250 words.

Download file to see previous pages...

Raw data is reformed into meaningful purposes. The information can be achieved from data using different transformations and data processes. After this, information is categorized as good and bad information. The quality of information depends on different attributes e.g. timing, content and form of information. Just like other assets in the business information, it is also considered as an important asset. Management refers to the effective and efficient operation of a business. Owners or managers or both administer their business. They manage the basic/primary components of business that are resources (capital and tangible), financial resources and human resources. The management in a business if performed is different aspects like financial management, human resource management, strategic management, marketing management and information technology management etc. Business Information Management (BIM) is an integrated system, which established effective information channels to bring business functions and information modules together. These channels are very useful in term of making timely and accurate decisions in organizational productivity and competitiveness (Benyon-Davies 2009). 1: BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM Nature: A system is a collection of different components that work together to achieve a common goal. A system gets inputs from different sources and generates outcomes. The organizations are controlled by information systems because information system provides information that is necessary to control a business. Thus a business information system is a group of systems, which are related to each other and they work collectively. They carry out inputs, process them, generate outputs and control the information. This information is then used for forecasting, planning, coordination and control activities in a business (O’Sullivan &amp. Sheffhrin 2003). The business components can be classified into five resources people, hardware, software, communication and data. People resource consists of information system manager and technical support staff to maintain and operate the business information system. Hardware resources are said to be computers and other devices. Software resources are based on instruction manuals as computer programs. Communication resources consist of networks but computers and software are needed to support them. And data resources are a computer database or paper files of business, which organization has access. Need &amp. Purpose: Due to growth in the competitive environment and development in technology, there become necessary for the organization to make their operation. tactical and strategic process more effective and efficient using the information system. The business information system plays the important role in the e-business and e-commerce operations and in strategic success of the business (Case 2012). Business information system becomes a management information system when it applied in an organization by directors to improve the management. Therefore, the management information system is said to be a collection of manpower, business tools, software and procedures to perform different business tasks and improve the efficiency of management in business. Due to a fundamental change in the external environment, the organizations also change their business information strategy.

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