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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses A piece of writing of Graphene.Download file to see previous pages... The interesting thing about graphene is that it has huge power along with adequate elec

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses A piece of writing of Graphene.

Download file to see previous pages...

The interesting thing about graphene is that it has huge power along with adequate electrical conductivity and elasticity. Graphene is actually a significantly huge aromatic molecule. Graphite can get its crystalline form by combining a number of sheets of graphene together. Graphene is regarded as the most fundamental structural component of a few carbon allotropes. For example, graphene lays the basis of graphite, fullerenes, charcoal, etc. The discovery of graphene has immense significance as various new possibilities of research in the area of physics have opened up. Researches in graphene have also helped in opening up huge scopes of its application in high-tech fields. Graphene is considered to be one of the most potential and adaptable components that have ever discovered in the area of physics. (Geim. 2009. Sakamoto 2009). The production of Graphene: Graphene can be separated from graphite as an isolated plane of carbon atoms. People now know that a minute portion of graphene sheet can be produced by abrading graphite. For example, one can get a tiny piece of graphene sheet when one draws a line on paper with a pencil. (Geim. 2009). During the year of 2008, the production of graphene used to be done by exfoliation. This graphene produced through such exfoliation was considered to be one of the most costly components in this world as this component which so small that can be placed on a tiny portion of the cross section of human hair did costs around as much as $1000 in 2008. Since, 2008, the process of exfoliation has been increased and various companies are now selling graphene in huge amount. Researchers have also discovered cheaper version of graphene (Segal, 2009). For example, Korean researchers have produced cheap graphene through the process of transfer of nickel. Graphene can, in fact, be produced by employing different types of methods. Some of the production processes of graphene are listed below: Producing Graphene through Drawing Method: The drawing method is actually a modified version of exfoliation method. Earlier, in this method, a solid tape was used to repetitively divide crystals of graphite into more thin prices to form graphene. The extremely thin flakes of Graphene then used to be dissolved in liquid acetone and after a few steps they were to be sedimented. Over time, the technique of drawing graphene from graphite has been simplified. Particularly, major modification has been done in the step of disposition. Instead of making graphene floating in acetone, the scientists have started to use the method of dry disposition of flakes. (Geim and Novoselov, 2007) Production through heating silicon carbide: Another popular process of producing graphene is heating silicon carbide at a high temperature in order to reduce it to graphene. In this process silicon carbide is heated at more that 1100 degree centigrade. In this method, the dimension of the graphene produced depends on the dimension of the silicon wafer. The face of the silicon wafer which is utilized for the formation of graphene, has significant capacity to influence the density and the level of mobility of graphene. If graphene is produced using this method, then a number of properties of graphene can clearly be visualized.

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