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Write 3 page essay on the topic War on terror: The audacity of justice.Download file to see previous pages... Albeit not seemingly a compensatory form of the lives lost, eradicating terrorists will be

Write 3 page essay on the topic War on terror: The audacity of justice.

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Albeit not seemingly a compensatory form of the lives lost, eradicating terrorists will bestow safety on the people of America and across the globe, ensuring that people are not living under threats and uncertainties of terror and crime against humanity from illicit groups with subjective and indoctrinated ideologies to end lives of people (Ullman 32). War against terror marked a reawakening to the dangers posed on the American people, and going to war is a symbol of the readiness to defend the freedom of every citizen in our beloved country, a resurgence of a safer home if terrorists are pursued and repressed against further criminal acts (Holloway 89). Indeed, war against terror after the September 11 attacks would bestow justice not only to the victims who died in the incident, but also to their families, and the entire people of America in solidarity of peace and the creation of a secure nation of our birthright. After the attacks, the people’s pain turned to anger which aggravated the immediate call for a resolution. Conversely, it became apparent that America had enemies, foes who were determined to extinguish the American nation from the face of the earth. The killing of innocent people presupposed that the merciless terrorists, if given a chance, would fiery more harm to the people (Owens 152). Leaving these terrorists chanting openly for victory meant an instigation of more threats to our nation. The gravity of the matter was experienced when we saw the whole world rise in support of our country, prayers of sympathy across the globe as people mourned for days, with the audacity of hope in their hearts (Rees 215-217). Where would be the courage, the bright, solidarity, the freedom, power, and the supremacy of the American nation? The horrendous crimes committed did not affect only the people of America, but dozens of people from India, Africa, Mexico, Iran and many other countries (Patman 963). Al-Qaida terrorist group which has support from Muslim extremists proclaimed plainly as responsible for the attacks (Holloway 90-92). The group is renowned by its terrorist attacks in various instances, targeting Americans in Diaspora, paralyzing the security and freedom of travel of the people of America. If left unchallenged, al-Qaida poses more threats and criminal acts which leave every citizen in jeopardy of being a victim of violent attacks. Declaring war on terror is the only solution which will create certainty that our leaders are determined to safeguard their citizens from such occurrences again in the future (Rees 216). Furthermore, since the war against terrorism actualized, the terrorist links have been dismantled, beginning with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan (Ullman 35). More recently, the Obama administration was successful in tracking down the al-Qaida leader Osama bin laden, and brought him to justice as the people rejoiced for the victory process against terror. Albeit intricate to eradicate terrorism completely, one cannot argue that there is no need to pursue terrorists. Reducing terrorism is much better than doing nothing. It is better to safe 100 people from death than leaving 300 million lives in jeopardy. Choosing to remain dormant on terror will infringe the rights and freedoms of the people, which will in turn affect the social, cultural, political and economic wellbeing of the nation.

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