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Write a 3 page essay on Public's Trust on Government.Download file to see previous pages... The trust, as well as support of the citizens is very crucial in creating a strong and successful government

Write a 3 page essay on Public's Trust on Government.

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The trust, as well as support of the citizens is very crucial in creating a strong and successful government. The following paragraphs will talk about a few reasons that would offer the individuals the basis in making sensible decisions in terms of giving their trust or not. Reasons for trusting the Government The first reason that proves a government is dependable is when it carries out its tasks appropriately. One of the key responsibilities is to concentrate on the requirements of its citizens. The most apparent among these are essential human requirements that are important for the people to lead a respectable life. Besides, the government must also recognize how to defend its citizens as well as its terrain from interior and exterior dangers like local rebellions and violence. The second reason is the notion of answerability. Public representatives should be liable to the activities of this political mechanism. With regard to this, they should as well be held accountable to the body that confers their power, which is the public. This is most pertinent in democratic governments in which the citizens cast their vote for their government officials. A government who is responsible makes it an aim to meet the satisfactory paradigm for excellent governance (Kennedy, 2009). Third, the government must permit the involvement of other stakeholders in their executive procedure. A dependable government should not just make preferences by themselves. they should obtain the input of other individuals who are as well concern with the result of what these choices might carry. These stakeholders should incorporate different regions from the society like non-governmental associations and even simple citizens of a nation. Fourth, a government have to practice transparency in its set of laws, policy, and decisions. The government must provide the public the essential information regarding key issues as well as strategies in the government. This would help the citizens to make intelligent decisions concerning their dealings particularly the ones associated with the constancy of their state. Fifth, a government that is worthy of the people's trust has the interests of its citizens in mind and this is significantly observed in the requisition of their budget. The government should truthfully use the taxpayer’s money by reliable ventures and programs that are free of dishonesty and irregularity (Nyre et al, 1997). Reasons for not trusting the Government In contrast, there are also reasons to distrust the government. First, the government is making bad strategies that are merely for the advantage of a small number of citizens particularly if it is the vested interest of those who are in authority. The government has no sense of accountability mainly in time of catastrophe. This is apparent, as they tend to hold one another responsible particularly if something incorrect took place. Second, huge corruption is taking place within the government. Citizens' insights of corruption are rooted in general approach towards government, and that, as a result, these subjective signs may be only assessing the government's image, and not its real performance. Many of the commonly applied corruption signs are of a subjective nature. They mostly do not depend on a practical foundation, and leave significant independence to respondents whether to think about certain features. This generates issues of comparability, and calls respondents to widen their standpoint to whatever issue they wish when providing a view on corruption. Third reason for not trusting the government arises from citizens’ lived experiences with government. It recommends that the government is obsolete as well as old-fashioned and needs to be enhanced to restore trust.

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