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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Mexico, The Mexican Drug Cartel. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Download file to see previous pages... The official language of the country is

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Mexico, The Mexican Drug Cartel. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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The official language of the country is Spanish and it is marked as the “most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.” Christianity is the religion that is practiced by most of the people in the country. The rate of poverty is very high in the country and it was estimated that 44 percent of the people living in the country earned below the poverty line (Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs 2011). Most of the people in the country live in the urban areas and people leave the rural areas and move to the developed ones in search of better opportunities. Furthermore, many people leave the country and move to the United States for better earning opportunities. The country earns much of its income by sending oil to other countries as it is an oil producing country. Criminal activities are a reason of many problems in the country. The abduction rates in Mexico are marked to be very high in comparison to other countries across the globe. Strong drug trafficking organizations function in the country and they are responsible for the drug trading between South America and the United States. Felipe Calderon was declared as the President of the country in the year 2006. He took strong steps for overcoming the issue of drug trafficking and his measures have resulted in the death of 35000 people in the country since the initiation of his campaign against drugs (BBC 2012).

Mexico is marked to be a country with a leading role in the making of drugs as well serving as a route for the transportation of drugs. The major movement of drugs which include marijuana and methamphetamine in the United States is from Mexico. Ninety percent of the cocaine that reaches to the United States is through its movement via Mexico. ...

The drug trafficking organizations are not only involved in the movement of drugs but at the same time, they are involved in kidnappings as well as murders. The drug cartels have gained a strong hold in the country during the last decade of the twentieth century. This mainly followed the deaths of Cali and Medellin cartels belonging to Colombia. The National Drug Intelligence Center has put forward that the drug trade in the United States is now mainly dominated by the Mexican drug mafia. The Mexican drug cartels have a strong stand and many government officials particularly those from the law enforcement agencies work in collaboration with them. This is owing to the bribes provided by the drug trafficking organizations. A campaign was initiated in the year 2006 by the President of Mexico against the drug cartels in nine states out of the total thirty two states in Mexico (Cook et al 2007). The Mexican government has put forward the fact that there are seven drug cartels working in the country. Gulf, Sinaloa and Juarez are the major drug trafficking groups and their presence is dominant in most parts of the country. Many dominant drug trafficking organizations have started working together in Mexico. This has led to the formation of two major groups in the world of drug trafficking in Mexico. It has been indicated that this unity has mainly resulted due to the arrest of many leaders in these groups. Mexican cartels have also started to have a strong hold in the United States. They have done so via cultivating drugs on the land of the United States and by forming alliances with criminal groups in the United States.

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