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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses course design. According to Iwasiw, Goldenberg & Andrusyszyn (2009), curriculum development in nursing education is characterized by ‘interaction, cooper

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses course design. According to Iwasiw, Goldenberg & Andrusyszyn (2009), curriculum development in nursing education is characterized by ‘interaction, cooperation, change, and possibility conflict, ……..and values of stakeholders’ (Chapter 1, n.p). Wound care management is a hot topic which requires special attention in nurses training. So a program in this would be very useful. Foot care management is providing education and training on proper foot care like foot massaging, trimming toe nails, identifying circulatory disorders etc. All these require expertise. So a course on foot care management is essential. These three areas are in need of experienced man power. So training courses in the above said departments is a necessity. I. SANE Course A. Course Design A course on Sexual assault nursing examination is important as the trauma of a victim is so intense. A four weeks long SANE course should follow a student centered approach with maximum interaction from the part of the student. In addition to the interactive class room sessions the learner should get active clinical practice making the learner competent in sexual assault practice. The learner should be trained in psychological principles to deal with the emotional state of the patient. The class size of 8 students and well trained faculty members makes the course interactive and interesting. Clinical practice sessions and visits to crime lab and crisis centers give the students enough practical exposure. 1. Course Description. This four-week course offers didactic and clinical training for Registered Nurses to conduct a comprehensive sexual assault medical forensic examination and to testify in court on that exam if called. This course should train the nurse in advanced physical assessment skills like emergency care, critical care and maternal child health care. The training they require should meet the requirement of the community they serve as each community varies in the mode of SANE practice. It varies according to the type of patient they handle like adult, adolescent and pediatric. A SANE is trained to work with a multidisciplinary population of professionals like advocates, law enforcement, forensic experts and legal professionals. So training in a collaborative learning environment is a criterion in SANE training. This course provides further knowledge in topics such as forensic code of ethics, extensive forensic examination, and documentation of injuries, collection of forensic samples and its management, testifying legal proceedings, giving emotional support to the victims. 2. Goal. The goal of this course is to mold a registered nurse to a professional trained in clinical preparation and forensic care of a patient who has experienced sexual assault. 3. Objectives. After four weeks of the course. 3.1. The participants will be able to discuss medical forensic history and dynamics of sexual assault 3.2. The participants will be able to describe and give examples of what to document, how to document and management of forensic samples 3.3 The participants will be able to demonstrate or show how to testify in a mock trial and do the GYN exam 3.4. The participants will be able to compare and contrast/ analyze different assault situations. 3.5. The participants will be able to explain/summarize forensic code of ethics 3.6. The participant develops skill in physical examination of the person who has undergone sexual assault 3.7.

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