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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses discuss the use of different points of view throughout the novel(including but not limited to bloom,stephen and molly)why does j.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses discuss the use of different points of view throughout the novel(including but not limited to bloom,stephen and molly)why does j. This concept breaks forth the wall as the reader or the audience since the fiction presented is extended hence creating illusions. in his novel, he has been able to use flashbacks as the narrators try to appeal to the audience. The author has employed exaggeration when the narrator Penelope talks of Odysseus slaughters her suitors one by one. The writer has also used sensory detail through the use of different narrators to present his ideas. For example, Leopold Bloom is a character who appeals to the senses when he expresses his eating habits. James Joyce in his novel Ulysses has varied themes in almost all the 18 chapters of the book. Joyce says that he made the book so complex so that the lecturer would spend so much time to understand what he is trying to portray. The book has won so much attention and criticism. It was once banned in the US until 1934 due to its pornographic nature. The book is also too voluminous, which has caused lots of criticism. However, Joyce opted to use so many themes to increase in depth perception of the book to express him. The reason for using different narrators in this novel is an essential factor Joyce considered so that he could make the novel more hilarious. Different writers and narrators have different opinions regarding their perception. Joyce has employed in his novel this virtue. Molly Bloom Joyce has also used a device as a split narrator technique by engaging Molly Bloom in using the word yes at the beginning and the end of the chapter. Joyce has also been able to integrate well the narrator function by creating different ideas. Molly Bloom the wife of the main character Leopold Bloom is an exceptional character in this novel. Molly is interesting due to the varied characteristics that she possesses in the novel. Joyce describes the word yes as the female word. Joyce developed this character based on his wife. Joyce remembered June 16th 1964, the very first day the two went for their first date (Kiberd, Ulysses and Us: the art of everyday living.). The day is still memorable and celebrated as Bloomsday. To begin with, she is unfaithful while the husband is very faithful. Molly is having an affair with Hugh Blazes Baylon despite being married for 10 years to his husband. Her physicality is contrasting with other females in the novel hence Molly is compared with characters like his husband Leopold and Stephen Dedalus. Molly is also different from Penelope who is also very faithful. She is able to arouse his husband in bed in the last episode of the novel. She rekindles very long memories of how she fell in love with Leopold. She compares herself to a rose flower. Molly reminds the husband about their kisses. Molly also narrates about how she pulled Leopold closer to her so that he could squeeze her breasts and smell the perfume. In the very last words of the novel, Molly describes how they proposed to each other with so many yesses to their marriage proposal. This episode is also unique since it begins with the word ‘yes’ and ends with the word ‘yes’. Stephen Dedalus James Joyce uses the technique of split narrative in order to portray a background of the story narrator. This character is portrayed as a protagonist and antihero in this novel. Joyce also uses a deleted affair of romantic scenes, which are not present in the novel but ac as narrator function. James uses Stephen as a narrator to bring about irony.

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