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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Delve into the concept of the benefits in human development and leadership.Therefore it is essential for all organizations to have a structured leadership an

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Delve into the concept of the benefits in human development and leadership.

Therefore it is essential for all organizations to have a structured leadership and development program for the employees. The prosperity of any organization depends on how well the leadership qualities are instilled and how the skills can be developed. Research question How the development of leadership qualities among the employees is essential for the growth of the organization? Thesis Statement Incorporation of leadership training skills enhances the performance of the employees and thereby the progress of the organization. Overview This essay first makes a review of the various past researches and studies that have been conducted on this topic. Then a secondary research has been done to analyze the ways in which this development of the leadership skill is undertaken. Finally the research question has been addressed to provide an insight into the different kinds of issues that come up in the course of the study. Literature Review Various studies indicate that there are several essential qualities that the leaders of any organization must possess. There are mainly eight of these qualities that contribute to the making of a successful leader. A leader must have the qualities of being communicative with the colleagues and the subordinates (Bartram, 2005). He must have the capability to support and cooperate with the other employees. Along with that he must have the skills of analyzing the situations and interpret them to the people concerned. A leader must have skills for organizing and carrying out the plans that he has formulated. For this a lot of creativity and enterprising ability is also required. Since an individual may not have all these qualities in the early stages of his career, a continuous development and training is necessary to groom these professionals into a successful leader. A leader cannot deliver his duties unless these qualities are inculcated into him in the right manner. If any opportunity for learning arises for the top or the middle level management the human resources department needs to find out the areas where the improvement of these individuals is essential. On the other hand according to some researchers it is indispensible for all organizations to run on a definite model of leadership competency (Hollenbeck, McCall and Silzer, 2006). Thus according to them a more comprehensive approach needs to be taken for pursuing effective leadership where the dimensions under various circumstances and in cases of personal behavior has to be taken. Thus under different situations leaders would take the path of different leadership styles. In most of the cases of limited communication between the top management and the junior management, the autocratic style of leadership would be adopted. On the other hand sometimes leaders prefer to be democratic or participative where the decision making power rests on the hands of the employees as much as it remains with the leader or the top officials. Thus specific continuum has been provided for the different dimensions of leadership so that the leaders of a specific organization can be fit into a definite type. Hence a ideal leader should have a balance of all these qualities. Byrne and Rees in their study have provided and insight practical aspect of the development of leadership in any organization. They provided different

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