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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the market potential for slim cal in canada.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the market potential for slim cal in canada. In their professional practice, the company prides itself on the mission that it aims to provide excellent products that convene the needs of the client without endangering their health. The company has a traditional tower management structure, with the chief executive officer overseeing the operation of the business and several managerial positions under him, including marketing directors, human resource management, and finance managers among other organizational structure positions. Thus, the staunch leadership of the company allows it to pursue its objectives.

Personal body weight management is a global trend that seems to become an obsession to many people within the past one-decade (Sizer, PicheĢ & Whitney, 2012). Traditionally, people used to care less about their intake of food as they used to consume natural and quality food encompassed with several physical activities in their daily lives. However, with the advent of technology and simplification of the process of conducting their daily activities, people realized that there is a need to watch what they feed on, to avoid obesity among health challenges. The subject for discussion then became establishing quality products for consumption by customers that meet their health concerns without endangering their lives. Thus, the conception of the idea of Slim Cal bar by Symbiotics limited was timely. They saw an opportunity and engaged their gear to establish a product for the Canadians to address their health concerns, proving them with a packaged food product that sought to address their needs for healthy nutrition allowing them to maintain their body weight. Thus, the problem for the company now is to establish a platform for engaging the customer to accept their product and gain a competitive advantage within the market. Thus, they sought to establish the market potential for their product, Slim Cal bar, within the Canadian market.

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