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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Health Promotion Report.As per the guidelines published by the Moodie and Hulme in their book. the assignment is also promoting "building blocks for health p

Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Health Promotion Report.

As per the guidelines published by the Moodie and Hulme in their book. the assignment is also promoting "building blocks for health promotion" with an understanding of epidemiology and measures population health of a particular community. The assignment evaluates and examines closely the health needs of a specific age group of children belonging to 5-10 years.

Based on this evaluation a health promotion activity must be implemented for the particular group of population. This is promoted with the use of signage, posters, radio interview/announcement, health education (e.g. stall at the local show or shopping centre), structured change (e.g. health awareness classes), advocacy (e.g. providing support to implement change such as lobbying the local council to tackle the problem of risk taking behavior by teenage boys) and capacity building by encouraging the development of policy (e.g. media advertising to encourage men to engage in regular exercise) (Barnes and Row, 2008).

Promotional strategies creating awareness about the health either at the local school, shopping centre, child care centre, community health centre must be implemented for this a deep understanding about the community must be made (Talbot, 2005).

Educational strategies encompass the level of education of the community being addressed. This must be focused and kept under consideration to convey the message and make the message understood by the community. For this a role model must be organized to discuss the issues with the target group. Promotion of such issues can be performed with the help of media (Talbot, 2005).

To gather support to the strategy thorough campaigning with the Roads and Traffic Authorities must be done. This not only provides funding but also expertise to assist with the activities and must be advocated in order to support the program (Child and Youth Health).

A health sector must be involved to encourage the development of the policies to provide a mandate for the community to follow and assure them for its safety. The documents must be submitted related with the evaluation of health promotion activities. It must emphasize the action plan to be implemented (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

All these activities require the process of information gathering, evaluation, influencing policy, public health law, advocacy, communication, leadership and management, partnerships and community mobilization (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

The report identifies the need of the target group localized at the indo china community centre. This group encompasses asthmatic children belonging to the age group of 5-7 years.

A deep understanding about the community is required to formulate the health promotion strategies. Awareness about the language spoken by these people, their cultural impact, their socioeconomic status is the imperative part of the health promotion strategies (SIDS Australia). The contact must be established with the target group either through personal meetings or through contacts to gather the required information. For this teacher of the school or area health profession must be confided to procure the data. The data collected must be recorded and filed to get the assessment. Their day to day life and eating habits must be emphasized so as to get an overall view for carrying out the assessment. Every community adopts

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