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Developer - Gather Functional Requirements

Before you build a solution for a client, you need to determinehow that system should behave. In other words, how should it function? You willneed to interview the client and, if necessary other stakeholders at the site.

For this case study course project, your instructor will be acting as theclient, and the weekly live classroom will be your client meeting. For thefirst session you will be listening to their story and asking them appropriatequestions to lock down what they will need from you. For this reason, it's veryimportant to attend the live classroom or, at the very least, review therecording of the meeting, before beginning this assignment.

For this assignment, you will produce a 1 - 2 page functionalrequirements document that will detail the operations and activities that yoursolution should perform. Please note that you will NOT be including specifichardware or software in this document. Just write out what you perceive to beyour client's needs.

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