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Drugs and Criminal Justice

Question 1

Using the insert in your text entitled “A 40 year Chronology of Drug Interdiction,” and the internet, which event do you believe was the most significant in controlling the drug trade?  Why?  Which do you believe had the least impact? Why? 

Respond in no less than 500 words.

Question 2

Describe the four major methods of apprehension used by law enforcement in street level drug law enforcement, including any criticisms of these methods. Respond in no less than 250 words.

Question 3

Discuss mandatory minimum sentencing in detail. Be sure to include the arguments for and against this type of sentencing and the changes made to mandatory minimum sentencing laws since their enactment. Respond in no less than 250 words.

Question 4

Discuss in detail the use of drug courts. How do they operate? Are they successful? Discuss the potential of drug courts to reduce: 1) the demand for illicit drugs and 2) the costs associated with the enforcement of drug laws. Respond in no less than 300 words.

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