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due in 12-15 hours, 3-4 double spaced pages. Film Analysis – Hors la loi (Outside the Law, 2010) by Rachid Bouchareb

Film Analysis – Hors la loi (Outside the Law, 2010) by Rachid Bouchareb

Write a 3-4-page film analysis of the film Hors la loi through the critical lens of postcolonial

thought and theory. Pay close attention to how the film uses formal elements like mise-en-scene,

cinematography, and editing to signify and communicate meaning through its images.

Relate our readings of Fanon, Memmi, and Sartre to what the film communicates. Some guiding

questions can be:

• What does the film, made in 2010, hope to achieve in terms of history and cultural


• How does the film represent the Algerians and the French, respectively?

• Does the film allude to The Battle of Algiers? In what ways?

• How does Fanon’s “On Violence” help us understand the events of the film?

• How does Memmi’s discussion of the impossibility of assimilation of the colonized

reveal itself in the film.

Make sure you structure your analysis with an introduction and a conclusion. Make sure every

paragraph starts with a topic sentence and proceeds with evidence.

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